Dr. Meagan Smith

Registered Psychologist working with Children, Adolescents, Families



Honours B.A. in Psychology, McGill University, 1987
Ph.D in Clinical Psychology, State University of New York at Stony Brook, 1993

Research Project Coordinator, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, 1992-1994
Psychologist & Researcher, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (formerly Clarke Institute of Psychiatry), Toronto, 1994-1999
Private Practice, Toronto, 1997-1999
Psychologist, Maples Adolescent Centre, Burnaby, 2000-2001
Private Practice, North Vancouver, 2000-present

Teaching and Supervision:
Practicum Supervisor and Dissertation Supervisor, Dept. of Psychology, York University, Toronto, 1995-2000

Dissertation Supervisor, Dept. of Cognitive Science, University of Toronto,

Practicum Supervisor, Dept. of Applied Psychology and Human Development, and Clinical Associate, Dept. of Psychology, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, 2001-present

Professional Memberships:
Registered Clinical Psychologist, Ontario, 1994-1999
Registered Psychologist, British Columbia, 2000-present (Registration # 1454)
Member of: Canadian Psychological Association, British Columbia Psychological Association, Learning Disabilities Association of Vancouver, Learning Disabilities Association of America, International Dyslexia Association, Canadian Association of School Psychologists

Selection of Workshops Recently Attended:
2012: Neuropsychology of ADHD
2012: UBC Developmental Disabilities Conference
2013: National Association of School Psychologists (USA), Annual Conference

2014: BC Association of School Psychologists Annual Conference, Canadian Psychological Association Annual Conference

2015: Children and Adults with ADHD (CHADD) Annual Conference

2016: Provincial Health Services Authority webinar on Canadian Diagnostic Guidelines for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: New Revision, PHSA/Disaster Psychosocial Services Workshop on Psychological First Aid